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The Final Coast Performance

Wed. Dec. 29th

Toronto, ON

The Garrison (Dundas & Ossington)

w/ Dilly Dally, and Powers

$10/$7+2 non-perishable items (It's a christmas food drive)


Yes that's right folks, after an untold number of years playing music together, the Coast boys are calling it quits. We'd cite creative differences but we've always had those and they never seemed to cause us any trouble.

This is sad sad sad for us, but due to several developments in our lives we feel it's the only thing we can do. There are some other endeavours we'd like to try our hands at, we feel it's time to move on. Hopefully we will continue to make music in some capacity, but if not, you may see us out there in the real world. We've had some of the best moments of our lives on stage together, and this is a big loss for us. One thing we can say is despite thousands of hours spent in the close confines of shitty vans and shittier hotel rooms in several countries, we are still good friends and brothers.

There are a ton of people we'd like to thank, first and foremost the fans and friends who came out to see us all the time, the other bands who gave us a hand, and our manager Ben Buchanan who worked really hard for us for many years. Also, our producer Chris Stringer who made us better than we could have been without him.

We have few regrets and a ton of good things to look back on. We hope you feel the same. Come out on Dec. 29 and help us put this thing in the ground. Let's kill it right.

Thanks and much, much love,

Ian, Jord, Luke, and Ben